Misk One

Misk One

Throughout his evolution as a graffiti writer, MISK1 relies on his work to do the talking. “The reason I really got into [graffiti] was kind of like a survival tactic, it kind of became a vehicle to introduce myself to people. Girls were like, ‘Hey! Can you do my name?’ says MISK1.

Growing up in San Francisco, MISK1 transferred from a Catholic middle school into a public high school in the summer of ’89, where his craft became a serious pursuit. “There was just such a buzz around it, especially as a kid, and just the whole lifestyle around it was really interesting for me,” says MISK1.

Misk One

“I’ve been arrested about three times, just the usual stuff, it was kind of like we’d be at a yard and there would be us and like, Lords crew and a bunch of other people, and we’d be getting up,” says MISK 1, adding, “we’d get there at like seven in the morning on a wall that we felt like was a semi-legit place and we’d be there all day and then the cops would show up at seven [that night] and make an example out of one us.”

But the work paid off: “I started getting asked to do liquor stores and stuff.” To combat random, more unsightly tagging, storeowners would hire him and his mentor to do murals, where he learned on the job, quickly earning him a reputation and padding his pockets. “It was like I’m a senior in high school and I just got paid a grand!” says MISK1. Following a job, MISK1 and his crew would turn the profit around on trips to Reno to stock up on hundreds of dollars in cans of paint.

Misk One

“It was always interesting, thinking my hobby would develop into my career,” he says. Once again, his passion paid off. As a 19-year-old with a penchant for a beer, he would spend his time in the Italian coffee shops, where he could sip a cool one undisturbed early into the morning. During one of these late nights, a perplexed middle aged man inquired what he was doing hanging around at 4:00 a.m. sketching in the corner.

Serendipitously, the man was the senior creative director for an ad agency, whose main account was Levi’s. He impressed him so much that although they passed him up on the first project, he was quickly shuttled through the community, building a reputation as a graphic designer that has landed him gigs with Levi’s, Atomic snowboards, Snickers, and Tribal Gear among others.

Misk One

“I’ve always been driven to be an artist and to have a career as an artist. Whether it’s something commercial or on the fine arts level,” says MISK1, who has traveled the world, thanking graffiti for the opportunity to visit locales such as Tokyo, British Columbia, Hong Kong, Spain, and Belgium to participate in exhibitions and shows such as the renowned Sneaker Pimps.

A lot has changed for MISK1 since the days of getting up on greyhound buses in and around San Francisco. “I’m totally legit, I’m 31-years-old, I’ve got a wife and a kid and a lot of bills and responsibilities.” Today, he’s focused on product design and building his body of work for exhibition, a statement to the staying power and accomplishment of urban art in contemporary culture.

More Info: http://www.misk1.com/

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  1. Too Far Gone says:

    Misk TFG is the true Bay Area Misk, this fool is the coward who changed his phone number and hid rather than battle. Ask Crayone, he knows the story with his scared little protege. Stay commercial you fake, because the Bay won’t respect you no matter how many corny legal walls you do.

  2. Your work is amazing! Im truly a fan of graphic art and the whole urban art culture that surrounds it. I wish to have that talent but only stick with the basics. I have a friend that does graphic art and is going to school for art and hopefully he might get to where you are today. Keep it goin and continue to inspire others.

  3. Hey to some of the above comments. I’m really sorry if I pissed anyone off or if they feel I’m not the real deal. As well this is the 1st I’ve heard of dodging confrontation. Sorry man I’ve really just been doing what I love to do. I admire all of the real deal Graf writers as well, some of the artist typs. I’m just trying to grow and spread some inspiration. This is’nt a name thing for me anymore, it’s just what I do. I wish you all the fame and fortune, there’s pleanty of it out there for everyone, you just have to go out and get it.

  4. stop bitchin pussies. i dont know misk but the 3d style is not bad.

    there are enough toys on the run but this is a nice graffiti style.

    i am writing sinc 1987 and all i can say is that writers will never stop bitchin. it was always like this.

    peace /// “BEM” munich TDA crew

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