Microbo, born in Sicily, is a self described tiny woman; a citizen of earth who may be small in size, but not in stature. Asked about herself, she tends to remind the listener that she is just like every one else, another citizen of our shared planet.

This eccentric underground artist could not find a better tag. In fact, like the myriad of existing microbes, she manages to spread her art almost ubiquitously. You may not see her, but the traces are there and the virus is never stagnant.


After a life changing experience in London where she focused on graphics and what can be called multimedia, she moved to Milan and soon after created a unique, but accessible style, evolved through experimental techniques and a collage of applications and emotion, the organism that is her work began to speak all for itself.

Her paintings and drawings, inspired and ignited on the streets, are now also on view at a constant string of international events. They represent a smooth, twisted and organic evolution, made of strings, streams and living shapeless creatures, which recall life’s complexity. Like any music form rises from a suggestive merging of only seven
notes, so Microbo’s art develops through the combination of basic elements she likes to play with.


Doodles, strings, and tangles impossible to untie; a symbol of an existential complexity which often tightens up to stifle, and microbes of different shapes which seem to float within a kind of amniotic liquid where everything has to take a form. A liquid feeding its inhabitants in absolute gravity absence prompting the image of lightness which represents the best part of existence.

More Info: http://www.microbo.com

Written and edited for Format by Ornella Sgroi

More Images:


  1. Jacqueline McKay says:

    Absolutely mesmerizing art!! I couldn’t stop staring.
    Your designs would make wonderful T-shirt designs…hint hint!
    Keep up the creativity!

  2. cain williams says:

    like the art work im doing you for my GCSE i like your work but i need to know where did you think of all of it

  3. nathan hopkin says:

    lovin your work think i am gunna use your style in my art gcse
    where do u get your insperation

  4. This work is staggering. I love the design and shape of your work. I’m doing this in my art GCSE and i was wondering… where did you get your insiration from?
    Who inspired YOU to do what YOU do now?

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