Mega and Romeo

Mega and Romeo

Who says no one respects the older generation anymore? That’s not the case with Holland’s Mega and Romeo. The dynamic duo have been putting in work on pieces and productions for over 20 years with a self-described traditional, old school-influenced style. Together with their crewmates Mr. Sperm and Mark, they have traveled across Holland and abroad blessing spots along the way with their clean and colorful productions.


Last year, the crew visited New York City – still the mecca of hip hop and graffiti, no matter what the haters say – to make their mark on the de-facto capital of America. They wrote about their adventures in the Rotten Apple in a diary on their website – so you’d better brush up on your Dutch (not just your Dutch Masters). Mega and Romeo are always challenging one another to come up with new ideas and styles – but they always try to keep it true to the essence of the New York old school style. As such, no surprise that letters are their passion. Peep their work in books such as Graffiti World or visit

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