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Vibrant, dynamic and wildly intriguing – the land of Skaffs is an inspirational oasis from the mind of Australian artist Luke Feldman. From his vast collection of artwork and products to his equally innovative Asian-influenced artistic style, Feldman has carved a cutting edge niche all his own. On the eve of the debut of his children’s’ book, “Chaff n Skaffs: Mai and the Lost Moskivvy,” Luke Feldman illustrates his fascinating artistic voyage, and gives us a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

“I think that because I can adapt my style to various mediums that I have been able to attract different jobs. I also think that the vibrant colors and fun environments and characters are appealing to both males and females of all ages.”

Format: Skaffs is “a magical world made up of beautiful and bizarre creatures.” Tell us more about this world. What inspired you to create it, and what is its significance?
Luke: SKAFFS is the name of the collection of artwork and products (original artwork, giclee prints, collector toys, skate decks, vinyl adhesives, books) that I have put together over the last few years. I had been working on all these ideas since high school and had thousands of sketchbooks and computer files that I decided one day to put it out there to share with everyone. It is a running project of my life’s long work.

Format: What does “SKAFFS” mean?
Luke: SKAFFS was a made up word that came to me early one morning. For me it is a play on the word ‘scaffolding’ that represents the building blocks for the world I have created. Funny enough, I have since met many people from the long family line of Skaffs through the Internet.

Format: You have a new children’s book that’s about to hit the stands. At what point did you decide to create a children’s story and why?
Luke: My background was originally from children’s education and animation. I have illustrated numerous international children’s books. I had always wanted to illustrate and write my very own book and that dream came true through the San Francisco publishers, Immedium. Each page is a finished piece of art with Australian elements that will appeal to all ages.

Format: Is this your first book? If so, are you hoping to create a series from this point?
Luke: “Chaff n Skaffs: Mai and the Lost Moskivvy” is the first book of a series. The actual story is about Mai, a young girl who never ventured too far from her home. When a lost mosquito interrupts Mai’s sleep, her friend Chaff suggests they escort Moskivvy back home to a faraway land. So begins a courageous girl’s voyage into a fantastic world that will kindle readers’ imaginations. Encountering whimsical creatures along the way, this trio must travel over land, sea, and sky.


Format: Your illustrative style appears to have a Japanese influence, so to speak. Has this always been your style, if not, how has it evolved?
Luke: My style is simply the use of intense colors with curvaceous and symmetrical characters and environments. Being brought up in Australia, I was very fortunate to have been exposed to many different cultures. I am particularly inspired by the Asian culture and having spent a fair amount of time in Japan has definitely influenced my work. My recent solo exhibition in Australia, ‘Perpetual Kagemi’ was inspired by a trip to Japan. Coothwoork, put together a documentary that will air on Australian TV this year. Check out the sample here .

Format: Describe your beginnings as an artist/designer, and your journey towards your present day success.
Luke: I have been drawing ever since I was a little kid. I studied Visual Arts and Multimedia design, worked in the gaming, education and animation industry. For me, it was great to get technical experience in a lot of different industries before branching out on my own a few years ago. Having the opportunity to design a 1-story booth at the MAC world conference in 2008 and being a finalist at the Comic Con International Independent Film Festival for my animation ‘Who Saved the Moon’ have definitely been highlights of my career.

Format: As a graphic designer, you’ve done work for some high profile companies. What do you think it is about your unique style that attracts such a wide range of clientele?
Luke: I think that because I can adapt my style to various mediums that I have been able to attract different jobs. I also think that the vibrant colors and fun environments and characters are appealing to both males and females of all ages.

Format: In addition to being a graphic designer, you’ve created animations, toys and now, a new book. What else is do you have in the works?
Luke: Things are always busy in the land of SKAFFS. I am finishing up my latest series of limited edition giclee prints for launch in the next few months. I have a couple of exhibitions that I am completing original artwork for. I have a few book launches and live paintings scheduled. I also have an animated series in the works that I am working on as well. And if all goes well, I will be expanding the SKAFFS product line. I’m always in for any cool collabs!



  1. It’s so refreshing to see such beautiful and clean artwork. Thanks for pushing the boundaries of art and staying away from the typical street work.

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