Kill Pixie

Kill Pixie

This would not be the definitive Australian edition if we didn’t include an arts feature now would it. Low and behold we managed to steal some valuable time from Sydney based graphic artist Kill Pixie as he prepares for a gallery opening and the publishing of his first book. It maybe short but it’s very sweet as we talk about his unique designs, what the art scene is like down under and why the bar is always a great getaway from the stress of work place.

Format: Your designs are really intricate. Are they as time consuming to produce as they look?
Kill Pixie: Yeah they are pretty time consuming for sure, I spend most of my time in the studio at the moment.

Format: How long have you been creating images?
Kill Pixie: I think it’s been about three years now.

Format: Can you remember the first image you were proud to call your own?
Kill Pixie: Probably one that was on the side of a truck. I did a bunch of shit on a lot of things, with no particular motives really. I just started doing it by myself.

Kill Pixie

Format: What media do you generally use to create you work?
Kill Pixie: Usually I use watercolour, acrylic and ink which are painted on wood. I’ve also been doing a lot of paper works recently which I am steering more towards.

Format: What role does technology play in your work?
Kill Pixie: It plays a part sometimes. I’ve been bringing the technology theme into my work a little bit lately

Format: Do you feel that in due time technology will take away some of the skill that is necessary in street art and in your work?
Kill Pixie: One day robots will rule the world anyway, they’ve got to start somewhere.

Format: What is the art scene like in Australia at the moment?
Kill Pixie: I think it’s good, there a lot of good artists that come out of Australia. It’s good to have galleries like Monster Children supporting the scene.

Kill Pixie

Format: Does Australia or being Australian have any influence on your work?
Kill Pixie: I don’t think Australia has much influence on my work at all really, but it’s nice to make work in Oz, it’s really chilled compared to a lot of other places.

Format: Can you name any Australian artists under the radar that you think will be big in the upcoming year?
Kill Pixie: I’m not really sure to tell you the truth, they sort of just pop up out of no where all of a sudden.

Format: What is the weirdest place you’ve developed work?
Kill Pixie: I have been spending some time over in San Francisco, going back and forth to here. I’ve been working there in the tender lion, it’s a pretty funny place, lots of crack heads everywhere, there pretty amusing at times.

Format: If the good folk at Format Magazine bought you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world so you could work, where would you go?
Kill Pixie: The Bermuda triangle!

Kill Pixie

Format: What do you do day to day besides create art?
Kill Pixie: If I’m not creating art I try go skating when I can.

Format: How would you rate your self as a skater? Do you think that the whole skate culture influences your art in any way?
Kill Pixie: I just skate for fun. Everything in my life influences me, but skating has definitely been a large part of it.

Format: Do you listen to music while you work, if so which artists/bands are you into to at the moment?
Kill Pixie: I listen to a lot of different stuff, lately I’ve been into Jose Gonzales a lot.

Kill Pixie

Format: What is it about what you do that you enjoy?
Kill Pixie: It’s good to just wake up everyday, do what I want to do and not have to answer to anybody.

Format: Is there or have there been times when you’ve thought ‘aw F this I can’t be bothered’ because your frustrated with your work or stuck in a creative block?
Kill Pixie: Yeah, that’s when you go to the bar.

Format: What things can we look forward to from you in the upcoming months?
Kill Pixie: I have an opening ‘Everythings AOK’ at Until Never Gallery on the 20th of Feb which is also the launch of my first Book ‘ Kill Communication ‘ published by Izrock pressings and supported by Monster Children.

Kill Pixie

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