28 year old Brooklyn resident Kezam walks both sides of the track — literally. With graffiti oozing out of his veins, his artwork is aggressive yet light and inviting, a consistent theme throughout his pieces. On the other side you would never know this cat is earning his PhD. Currently working on his dissertation—which can be anywhere from 100-500 pages long depending on the issue—Kezam is not only going to be known through the streets of NY but also in the libraries of academia.


“I am originally from Australia and began writing towards the end of 1989. There was an active train scene all throughout the 90s. Most of my formative years were spent on trains, around train stations, train tunnels and so on.

The best paint we had back then was plasti-kote and a brand called Tuxan, which was intended for the painting of shoes. We didn’t even have Krylon or Rusto until sometime around the mid-1990s. By today’s standards, those paints are pretty bad (and Rusto seems to be getting worse!) but we still managed to get lots of pieces done.

I moved to the US in 2002 to work on a PhD in Sociology at Yale University. I currently live in NYC working on my dissertation which is on graffiti writing and other forms of public art.”

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