Even though he claims he’s never come close to comparing himself to a super hero, after conversing with Jazi who was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, it is hard to ignore the stereotypical superhero quality about him. He may not be saving screaming women from burning buildings, but between graffiti and his nine-to-five, he does seem to be leading somewhat of a double life. Graphic designer by day and mystery man with a spray can in hand by night. Sounds like a job for (Super) Jazi.

“I don’t paint every week, because I also work as a graphic designer, so I don’t always get the opportunity to go and paint. But when I go to do graffiti, most of the time I start between 9 and 10 am and paint all day,” he says. Though he may only find time to write sporadically, don’t assume he does it half-heartedly. “I live for graffiti”, he explains, “I have always liked to draw so for me graffiti is a good media, plus it helps me make new contacts everywhere.”


His love of the media is evident as soon as one browses his portfolio. Combining classic lettering techniques with life-like portraits, the murals Jazi creates are far from simplistic. His talents as a graffiti artist were sprouted from an amalgam of genuine interests and formal training. “Even before I started my formation as a graphic designer I used to read many art books,” Jazi says, noting classical art as a particular inspiration.

Back in the day Jazi was also a part of the Twilight Zone Posse (TZP), a group of friends collaborating on various murals, delivering strong pieces through a fusion of different styles. However, the now disassembled posse hasn’t come close to slowing down Jazi’s creative stride. “Most of the crew from the TZP don’t paint anymore, so now I work with new people who are motivated,” tells Jazi. He goes on to explain that “working with TZP was good, but it was not the biggest part of my experience. I painted before being in that crew and I continue to afterwards.”


These days Jazi has been keeping busy by working on an exhibition taking place at the end of January. When he is not refining the exposition, titled: Eclectik ou Eclectique, you can find the self professed “lover of music from sunny countries” on the streets of Geneva blaring the latest reggae, Brazilian, and African songs on his MP3 while conquering his next wall.

More Info: http://www.jazi.ch

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