Great Bates

Great Bates

Although Great and Bates are team writers, the individual styles that they throw up are what remind you that there are, in fact, two parts to this team. Greats tags dominate walls, leaving the impression that they’re there to stay; many of them humble pieces, bringing the old school styles back fresh in the millennium, while Bates’ individual work tend to consist of swooping yet sharp characters, usually finished with a little sparkle, which appears to be consistent within Bates’ throw-ups.

Together, Great and Bates form a tight team out of Denmark. Painting together since 1986, they both began on separate paths, with their first tags springing up around 1984. As two of the best known writers in Copenhagen, these boys have spiced walls all over the world, first making their mark by collaborating on the Ryparken wall. Countries they’ve painted in include Africa, England, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, the U.S.A. and the list goes on to include a large span of the globe.

Sponsored by Montana Germany, Molotow Belton and Spanish Montana Hardcore, Great and Bates have become known, not only for their individual styles, but also through the level that they bring the game to, which is most definitely the next one. They’ve been featured in books like Graffiti Art, On the Run Vol.2, Graffiti World, Graffiti Denmark and Graffiti World. Not stopping at hitting up walls, Great and Bates work with a few urban fashion lines that many of us are familiar with, including designs by New Era, Tribal, Third Rail, Dickies, Redrum, Osiris, Alis, Aerosoul, Montana and the

They’ve also got a few projects coming up to look out for including Magic Moments Magazine and the Write and Unite DVD.

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  1. those two are 1 of graffs greatest legends along cope2 tkid futura and others.. there style is crazy and their technique is amazing.. keep it up …

  2. Yo for the passionate and the toy alike if you dis BATES you dis graffiti…period!!! His style is all elemental and the more I admire his work the more I am amazed at his diverse talent..hardly anyone has the fill-skill-level as does BATES, much respect!!!

  3. you knoww what. the hulk piece is AWESOME!!!
    you are a sick dude:) that is in a good way(Y)

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