German Swinehundt in Rotterdam = Germanic big dog in Rotterdam

My boy Wayne Horse back at it with more antics sure to shock astound dazzle shock (lots of shocks!) and delight. A collection of some of his more recent films and solo projects, designed to alienate and discombobulate.

From the official website:

German Swinehundt in Rotterdam is built around two short films, Elefantos (2005) and Elefant Boy (2007), in which violence, social class differences, celebrity culture, excessive consumption and pornography feature prominently. These films are supplemented by Horse’s short video pieces and his latest films Amazing Flying Cars, Adrian Falk and A Mattress in the Woods. German Swinehundt in Rotterdam reveals the energy and diversity with which Horse discusses the different aspects of the themes in his work, with the help of actors and animations.

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