Starting out in Scarborough, Ontario, Jose A. Parada, better known in the graf community as Duro3, became familiar with the span of Canada’s train yards over ten years ago, painting his first train in 1995. Since then, he’s gone on to participate in the creation of over 500 murals, working with big names like GM, Nike, Athletes World, McDonald’s, Jean Machine, HMV, Northern Telecom, and Absolut Vodka. Although one might not see his name pasted everywhere, the solidarity of Duro’s work keeps his name alive within graffiti culture. Naming abstract and progressive legend SEEN as one of his inspirations, Duro3’s work is reminiscent of rotoscope animation, using wavering lines, backed by thick, solid and layered primary colours.


Although he’s tight with his mural and graffiti work, photography is currently Duro3’s main occupation, working residencies in Toronto spots like LOT332, Republik, Distrik, Embassy, Light and Sonic. Duro also runs multimedia company, Vengeance9 Studios, and event promo company, Mystery Entertainment. Also a former tattoo artist, art teacher, and magazine editor, Duro stays busy in many forms of media, placing a personal importance on being creative everyday.


Don’t expect to see many new murals popping up from Duro. Nowadays, photography is his main gig, but if you look around the streets of Toronto, or on the trains of the CPR, the mark of Duro3 has clearly been left in the graffiti world.


More Info: http://www.durothethird.com

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  1. To Duro3 (and other Scarboro cats):

    Remember that shit you did on the Bick’s Pickles vats on the Scarboro RT line?

    For non-Scarberians, the RT line runs parallel to the old Bick’s Pickles factory. They got these four huge-ass vats for pickling, and Duro somehow got up and spelt his name out on said vats: D-U-R-O-3.

    I know you been killing the RT for a minnit, but just wanted to say that shit was superstar-spectacular.

    I just appreciated the vision and the ballz to pull that shit off.


  2. Although not entirely, the vast majority of work from this particular genre of graffiti is atrocious crap. Hip-hop graffiti art has remained decadent of meaning. Murals today are still run-of-the-mill tags with embroidery, exaggerated designs, and lousy playground colours. Many great graffiti artists peaked as web designers, t-shirt artists, magazine editors, and tattoo artists. Most were uneducated losers seeking a venue for their megalomania. Most are drinkers. Worse are the “bombers” that terrorized decent mom-and-pop buisnesses for their inability to defend property like monetarily successful corporate empires. Yes, Mr. Zargham, that includes your son.

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