5 Beautiful Road Bicycles, 1 Woman

As a sneak peek to what the Spring/Summer 2012 Book For Men has to offer, Sharp Magazine has released a series of seductive shots featuring 5 of the most beautiful road bicycles I have ever seen, accompanied by the magnificent Alice Rausch. We love the way photographer Trevor Brady captured each photo, mimicking the forever sexy pinup girls of the 40s’. If you can keep your eyes off Rausch for more than 2 seconds, take note of the bikes Sharp has added to their list: Cervelo, Cannondale, and Felt. Built with incredible precision, each brand offers a bike that never falls short of perfect. With editorials like this, it’s a known fact that The Book For Men Spring/Summer 2012 will be flying off the shelf.

Thanks, Sharp

Steve Southon

Steve Southon

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